Koding Apps Compiler

Koding Compiler Plus, The Reckoning

Welcome to what i am calling kdc-plus. This project is an alternate KDApp Compiler, which can be replace the default kdc compiler. By making an alternate compiler, we have an easy way to add features to the compilation process such as languages, commonjs, dependency resolution, etc. For a further explanation, check out the ABOUT page.

To install, simply run the following two commands (you may need sudo):

npm uninstall -g kdc
npm install -g kdc-plus

kdc-plus also uses the kdc namespace, so usage is the same as normal kdc. Feel free to call kdc -h for additional options such as minifying and overriding manifest options.

Below is an example of the additions we are currently adding to the manifest, see each of the following topics to explain the properties.

  "commonjs": false,
  "no-coffee": false

If commonjs is false, we simply concat the compiled CoffeeScript files (or normal JavaScript) into a single file. If it is true, then we use Browserify v2 to implement the standard commonjs require system.

Coffee support is on by default since the normal KDC uses coffee. You can disable it with this option.

If you're looking for additional explanation of what this project is, why it exists, and what goals it has, please see the ABOUT page.