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Koding Compiler Plus, The Reckoning

Welcome to what i am calling kdc-plus. This project is an alternate KDApp Compiler, which can be replace the default kdc compiler. By making an alternate compiler, we have an easy way to add features to the compilation process such as languages, commonjs, dependency resolution, etc. For a further explanation, check out the ABOUT page.


To install, simply run the following two commands (you may need sudo):

npm uninstall -g kdc
npm install -g kdc-plus

Note about the KDC Namespace: The current default usage of the KDC namespace is intended to be a short term occupation. I would like to keep all kdc-plus functionality separated from kdc, while perserving the ability to be backwards compatible. In this case, i will likely create a 2nd project named something like kdc-plus-legacy which will occupy the legacy namespace while using kdc-plus. For now though, we're forcefully occupying both namespaces.


kdc-plus also uses the kdc namespace, so usage is the same as normal kdc. Feel free to call kdc -h for additional options such as minifying and overriding manifest options.

Manifest Additions

Below is an example of the additions we are currently adding to the manifest, see each of the following topics to explain the properties.

  "plus": {
    "coffee": false,
    "commonjs": false,
    "packageManagers": {
      "node": false
    "devPackageManagers": {
      "node": false
    "file_opts": {
      "./path/to/file.js": {
        "coffee": true,
        "commonjs": true


plus is the namespace being used to store kdc-plus variables. This namespace helps avoid conflict with any taken key names in the official namespace.


If commonjs is false, we simply concat the compiled CoffeeScript files (or normal JavaScript) into a single file. If it is true, then we use Browserify v2 to implement the standard commonjs require system.


Coffee support is at it sounds, support for Coffee files.

packageManagers and devPackageManagers

kdc-plus install and kdc-plus outdated will use the package managers declared in this object to install (or outdated check) the requirements for this KDApp.


The file_opts key specifies an object where the key is the exact file path specified in the list. If a match is found, the options specified here will override all other file options passed in from the CLI or in the general file options.

Remember that this is an exact key match only. If it is off by even a single character, the options will not be applied to the given file.

CLI Additions

The CLI is entirely different from kdc, and is all pretty obvious and documented through kdc-plus -h. With that said, below we will go over any notable points.


kdc-plus -p will pipe all output instead of writing it to a file. Output goes to stdout as expected, and logs go to stderr as expected. It's worth noting that the CLI parse library that kdc-plus uses outputs to stdout by default, this is something i want changed as soon as possible.


While pipe outputs the compiled, concatenated, and closured final output of kdc-plus, a transform has the ability to modify a specific file as it is passing through kdc-plus.

The purpose being, compilers such as Coffee (or whatever language you may like) don't have the ability to distinguish between file types. With a transformer you can modify the incoming DSL of your choise and output javascript back to kdc-plus. kdc-plus will then take that output, and concat/wrap/etc it with the rest of the files in the kdapp.

kdc-plus will write to stdin and read stdout, stderr is ignored.


If you have a mix of file types, such as javascript, coffee, and typescript, you may have the need to use a transform on only a specific file type. --trans-ext <ext> allows you to do this, and will only transform the file type that the extension matches. Even better, if your needs are more complex, you can specify a regex string to use instead of the simple file extension. Positive matches will be transformed, everything else is ignored from this transform.

Legacy Support

As kdc -h mentions, the kdc-plus bin currently comes with "legacy support". The purpose of this being to ensure calls to kdc behave the same as they do for the official kdc compiler. As i mentioned above, we'll be moving this to a kdc-plus-legacy project soon.

I still don't get it

If you're looking for additional explanation of what this project is, why it exists, and what goals it has, please see the ABOUT page.