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KConf is a configuration helper for loading configuration information in a Kondoot specific way. More information on implementing and extending configuration information can be found in the kondoot-config repository.

KConf Usage

For the most part, kconf is used within a kapp and thus direct usage / initialization is not required. If you do wish to use the kconf module in it's own right, then you can initialize it very simply:

var kconf = require('kconf');
// ask kconf to load the configuraiton for you 
kconf(function(err, config) {
    // config loaded into the config object     

In the case above, KConf will intelligently load the configuration from either localized configuration information for the dev and test environments, or centralized (Couch hosted) configuration information for staging and production environments. If you wish to force loading the information from the centralized config info, then you can load the configuration as so:

kconf({ forceSharedConfig: true }, function(err, config) {