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Make your keyboard layouts pretty ⌨️💅✨.

This tool automatically makes your keyboard layout uniform. That's right, no more updating your layouts by hand after you make changes. Just create a layout in the layouts.json file and add the necessary directives to your layout blocks then run the script against the keymap you want to prettify. For an added bonus, add a watcher script to your editor of choice to have the layouts get automatically prettified upon save.


# npm 
npm i -g kbd-prettier;
# yarn 
yarn add global kbd-prettier;


  1. Install the npm package
  2. Create a layouts.json file
  3. Add your layout to the layouts.json file for the keyboard you want to prettify.
  4. In the keymap file add the start and stop directives around the layout layer you want to prettiy
  5. Run kbd-prettier
# Make sure to pass in the absolute paths for the file you ant to prettify and the layout config. 
kbd-prettier --file /Users/blakedietz/projects/qmk_firmware/keyboards/ergotravel/keymaps/blakedietz/keymap.c --config /Users/blakedietz/projects/qmk_firmware/layouts.json

Upon running the tool your layer's key symbols will be prettified to match the layout specified in the layouts.json file. Note that different layers can have different sizes as the layouts are spaced according to the largest key symbol in your layer's layout.

So for example if you have a layout with a layer that has a key symbol that's 6 characters, all keys will be separated by a width of 6.


layouts.json is the file responsible for configuring what layout you want your board to be printed in. The layout is composed of an array of the following characters:

  • L: Represents a key on the left half of the board
  • R: Represents a key on the right half of the board
  • _: Represents an empty area


Key Required Type Description
basePath yes string The basepath of your project containing the keymaps to prettify
layouts yes object<keyboardEntry> An object hash of the layouts, keyed by the subpath of the files for each layout you want to map.
indent no number The number spaces by which you want to indent each keymap that is surrounded by a kbd-prettier directive
keyboardEntry yes { keyMatrix: array<string> } The layout mapping that is used to pretty print your keyboard layout layers that are surrounded by the kbd-prettier directive


  "basePath": "/Users/blakedietz/projects/kbd-prettier/tests",
  "layouts": {
    "handwired/dactyl_manuform/5x6/keymaps/blakedietz/keymap.c": {
      "keyMatrix": [
    "ergotravel/keymaps/blakedietz/keymap.c": {
      "keyMatrix": [


This tool supports both a cli and programmatic interface


To learn how to use the script, simply run

kbd-prettier -h
Usage: kbd-prettier [options]
  -f --file <path>    The file to prettify
  -c --config <path>  The file containing the file and layout mappings
  -h, --help          output usage information

Programmatic interface

// TODO: Add more information about this.

Known limitations

There are currently known limitations for this tool

  • kbd-prettier does not support comments between the directives at this time.
  • The cli tool doesn't have very good support for relative paths yet. So make sure to pass in an absolute path to the tool for right now.




npm i kbd-prettier

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