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Modular queue system for node.js


A modular queue server for node.js

  • Built on ES6 Harmony generators
  • Support for multiple queues
  • Completely modular
    • Pluggable data store
    • Process jobs using distributed workers over http, tcp or ipc
npm install katar --save

katar and its subcomponents harness the full power of ES6 generators and as such require node 0.11.9 or higher, and must run node with the --harmony flag. If you don't like typing this, add an alias to your shell profile:

alias node='node --harmony'

Here's an example of a complex queue server that lets you create multiple queues and use HTTP polling workers

// use mongo for storing tasks 
var katarDb = require('katar-mongodb')('localhost/queue');
// initialise a katar server 
var katar = require('katar')({ db: katarDb });
// create a data queue that fetches data from a url 
var dataQueue = katar.queue('fetch-data');
// create a youtube queue that downloads videos from youtube 
    // this queue is persistent - this means once a task is completed, it is retained in the database for historical reasons 
var ytQueue = katar.queue('youtube', { persistent: true });
// insert a data task 
    data: ''
// insert a data task with high priority 
    // supported values - HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW 
    data: '',
    priority: katar.constants.priority.HIGH
// insert a youtube request with an object data type 
    // all data types supported by the data adapter are supported as data is passed straight to the adapter 
    data: {
        url: '',
        res: '720p'
// create a http server that workers can poll and fetch jobs 
    // server is a koa-framework object 
var workerServer = require('katar-worker-http')({
    katar: katar,
    port: 3000
// add any custom routes as needed 
    // see koa-framework npm module for usage 
workerServer.api.v1.router.get('/hello', function *() {
    this.body = { hello: 'world' };

The queue system can be backed by any database. Simply create a data adapter that has the required methods

Available adapters:

  • MemoryDb npm install katar-memorydb
  • MongoDb npm install katar-mongodb

To simplify the task of creating data adapters, a test suite is published that can be used to test the functionality of the adapter meets the needs of katar.

npm install katar-db-test

Katar allows workers to subscribe for new jobs, poll the server or push new jobs to the server

Create a server that listens for worker requests. Workers can poll the server on a timely basis to fetch new jobs and report when jobs have been finished.


  • HTTP: npm install katar-worker-http
  • Initial release