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Reporter using Mac OS 10.8+ Notification Center to display results.


Built on top of node-osx-notifier and based on AvnerCohen's code.

Only works with Karma 0.9 or later which enables custom plugins.

For more information on Karma see the homepage.


  1. Install Karma and karma-osx-reporter plugin. The plugin requires Karma 0.9+, but Karma's stable version is now 0.10 so it's pretty easy.

a. Globally. System-wide with karma available on command line.

npm install -g karma
npm install -g karma-osx-reporter

b. Locally. If you want to install Karma to your project instead, add the dependencies to package.json and run npm install:

"devDependencies": {
  "karma": ">=0.9",
  "karma-osx-notifier": "*"

If you install locally, you'll need to run Karma using `node_modules/.bin/karma`.

In any case, the plugin needs to be installed as a peer dependency to Karma (i.e. in the sibling folder). This just means you cannot use global Karma with local plugins or vice-versa.

  1. Add dependency to the plugin section in Karma config file (syntax shown for Karma 0.9.3+):
    plugins: [
  1. Define it as a reporter in the config file
reporters: ['osx']

or pass through the command line

$ karma start --reporters=osx karma.conf.js


MIT License