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TODO fix npm WARN package.json karma-remote-reporter@0.1.5 No repository field.s


Current Version 0.1.5


Version 0.2.0:

  • sending test results via pure (TCP) sockets instead of using websockets (important: update the result receiver (e.g. junit-karma-testrunner))

Version 0.1.5:

  • fixed compatibility bug with karma 0.12.x

Version 0.1.4:

  • the remote reporter will recognize the command line argument --remoteReporterPort=ANY_NUMBER to configure the remote report server port

Version 0.1.3:

  • syntax error will be reported

Version 0.1.2:

  • Bugfix: karma-remote-reporter will wait per default 1000ms onExit-Event to finish reporting (this is configurable with "finishDelay")


  • install node.js (
  • install karma (
    • do to some bugs in karma (v0.11.0) the required karma version is limited to v0.10.x
  • in your apps package.json add karma and the following dependency: "karma-remote-reporter" : ">=0.1.x"


This application is about creating a javascript-based artefact that is able to send test results to a configured server via websocket. Tests are executed in a karma environment.

This software is intended to become a Karma plugin which enables test reporting via websockets to a remote server. Report results in junit style via websockets to a configurable remote server...


To work at the plugin we need to build a test environment. It has three components:

  • install ws for nodejs: npm install ws
  • the karma-remote-report plugin
  • test environment to execute karma with this plugin
  • a nodejs test instance to receive test messages

Unfortunately it's not possible to keep development stuff in the same directory. So there is a script to build a development environment.

Simply go to the home directory of this project and do

. scripts/

After finished this script, see output. It has the follow-up commands to start node testserver and to start karma.