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    A small preprocessor to help merge different instrumentation runners into an aggregate tool like karma-coverage.

    Should you use this plugin?

    Try the standard tools like karma-coverage or browserify-istanbul. Come here when you find you need to run both at the same time :-)


    npm install --save-dev karma-istanbul-preprocessor


    Add istanbul to your karma.conf.js like so:

    // karma.conf.js
    module.exports = function(config) {
          preprocessors: {
              // Source files that you want to add instrumentation for
              '**/*.js': ['istanbul'],

    Now what?

    This plugin does not display coverage or do anything other than add instrumentation. You still probably want to set up karma-coverage like normal, except do NOT add the coverage preprocessor.


    Open an issue or a PR, and we'll go from there.


    For a bit more of a long-form answer: I was debugging into why generating HTML coverage was failing. It turns out that when you use karma-coverage, it keeps track of a sourceStore and only picks up files it has seen in the preprocessor stage.

    Now, if you have some other tool that also runs through instrumented code (browserify-istanbul in my case), then the code inside karma-coverage passes in an explicit cache of files. The HTML renderer tries to grab the source file that browserify-istanbul has parsed over, but can't because it's not in the cache that karma-coverage has seen. Long story short, you end up with a Saturday morning spent trying to get both tools to play with each other and that's why this plugin exists.

    Specifically, if you end up with a stack like this, then this tool may be useful:

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'split' of undefined
        at HtmlReport.Report.mix.writeDetailPage (/Users/anil/textio/frontend/node_modules/istanbul/lib/report/html.js:412:30)
        at /Users/anil/textio/frontend/node_modules/istanbul/lib/report/html.js:489:26
        at SyncFileWriter.extend.writeFile (/Users/anil/textio/frontend/node_modules/istanbul/lib/util/file-writer.js:57:9)
        at FileWriter.extend.writeFile (/Users/anil/textio/frontend/node_modules/istanbul/lib/util/file-writer.js:147:23)
        at /Users/anil/textio/frontend/node_modules/istanbul/lib/report/html.js:488:24
        at Array.forEach (native)
        at HtmlReport.Report.mix.writeFiles (/Users/anil/textio/frontend/node_modules/istanbul/lib/report/html.js:482:23)
        at /Users/anil/textio/frontend/node_modules/istanbul/lib/report/html.js:484:22
        at Array.forEach (native)
        at HtmlReport.Report.mix.writeFiles (/Users/anil/textio/frontend/node_modules/istanbul/lib/report/html.js:482:23)
        at HtmlReport.Report.mix.writeReport (/Users/anil/textio/frontend/node_modules/istanbul/lib/report/html.js:566:14)
        at writeReport (/Users/anil/textio/frontend/node_modules/karma-coverage/lib/reporter.js:62:16)
        at /Users/anil/textio/frontend/node_modules/karma-coverage/lib/reporter.js:290:11
        at /Users/anil/textio/frontend/node_modules/karma/lib/helper.js:82:7
        at FSReqWrap.oncomplete (fs.js:82:15)


    npm i karma-istanbul-preprocessor

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