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Reporter that formats results in HTML similar to jasmine.


The easiest way is to keep karma-html-reporter as a devDependency in your package.json.

  "devDependencies": {
    "karma": "~0.10",
    "karma-html-reporter": "~0.1"

You can simply do it by:

npm install karma-html-reporter --save-dev


// karma.conf.js 
module.exports = function(config) {
    reporters: ['progress', 'html'],
    // the default configuration 
    htmlReporter: {
      outputDir: 'karma_html', // where to put the reports  
      templatePath: null, // set if you moved jasmine_template.html 
      focusOnFailures: true, // reports show failures on start 
      namedFiles: false, // name files instead of creating sub-directories 
      pageTitle: null, // page title for reports; browser info by default 
      urlFriendlyName: false, // simply replaces spaces with _ for files/dirs 
      reportName: 'report-summary-filename', // report summary filename; browser info by default 
      // experimental 
      preserveDescribeNesting: false, // folded suites stay folded  
      foldAll: false, // reports start folded (only with preserveDescribeNesting) 

You can pass list of reporters as a CLI argument too:

karma start --reporters html,dots

Keyboard Controls

1 and 2 - switch between Spec List and Failures. F - fold/unfold all suites in preserveDescribeNesting mode.

For more information on Karma see the homepage.