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expectThat.mocha for Karma


for Karma

This Karma plugin requires Karma ~0.10.0

Install the module via npm

$ npm install --save-dev karma-sinon-chai

Add sinon-chai to the frameworks key in your Karma configuration:

module.exports = function(config) {
  'use strict';
    frameworks: ['mocha', 'sinon-chai'],

Each of the different Chai assertion suites is available in the tests:

describe 'karma tests with chai'->
  it 'should expose the Chai assert method'->
    assert.ok('everything''everything is ok');
  it 'should expose the Chai expect method'->
    expect('foo').to.not.equal 'bar'
  it 'should expose the Chai should property'->
    1.should.not.equal 2
    should.exist 123

Sinon and Chai matchers for Sinon are also available:

describe 'karma tests with sinon'->
  it 'can spy on objects'->
    foo = bar: ->
    sinon.spy foo'bar' 'baz' 'baz'