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    Karma Elm Spec Framework

    This is a plugin for Karma that allows you to run specs created with elm-spec.

    Getting Started

    First, follow the instructions to set up your elm-spec specs.

    Then install Karma and the Elm Spec framework:

    $ npm install --save-dev karma karma-chrome-launcher karma-elm-spec-framework

    Create a karma.conf.js file in your project root (for example, by running npx karma init).

    Here's an example of the config properties relevant to elm-spec:

        frameworks: ['elm-spec'],
        // Optional elm-spec configuration
        elmSpec: {
          // Root directory for your specs; must contain elm.json.
          // By default this is './specs'
          cwd: './my-specs',
          // A glob to locate your spec modules, relative to the current
          // working directory.
          // By default, this is './**/*Spec.elm'
          specs: './SpecificBehavior/**/*Spec.elm',
          // Path to the elm executable
          // By default, this looks for elm on your path
          pathToElm: '/some/path/to/elm'
        client: {
          // Optional elm-spec configuration
          elmSpec: {
            // End the spec suite run on the first failure.
            // This is helpful to turn on when debugging failures, as you'll be able
            // to see and interact with the program under test (on the Karma debug
            // page) when a spec fails in the browser Karma is controling.
            // By default, this is false.
            endOnFailure: true,
        // These files will be watched for changes by Karma.
        // When they change, the elm files will be recompiled.
        // Tell Karma not to serve these files; the elm-spec framework takes care of
        // compiling and loading the correct files into the browser.
        files: [
          { pattern: 'src/elm/*.elm', included: false, served: false },
          { pattern: 'specs/**/*Spec.elm', included: false, served: false }
        // This ensures any changed elm files will trigger the spec files to be recompiled.
        preprocessors: {
          "**/*.elm": [ "elm-spec" ],
        // For best results, use the included elm-spec reporter.
        reporters: ['elm-spec'],


    npm i karma-elm-spec-framework

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