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Cucumber run purely in the browser. A runner that can be used with a karma reporter or html reporter.

Write your step helpers entirely in Javascript, access the DOM or instrument your page easily with uitest.js, and run your tests in the browser or (coming soon) with karma.

Getting Started

Karma Reporter

Run the cucumber tests in the browser with karma

Instructions coming soon

HTML Reporter

Run the cucumber tests in the browser manually

  • Install the bower package bower install karma-cucumber
  • Add your feature files, step definitions, and a runner.html
  • Open the runner in the browser

Checkout this folder of examples which contains a simple example and a uitest.js example.

You can run these locally as well:

  • Make sure you have connect server npm install
  • Then run it node examples/server.js

Here is an example in a larger application.


Major credit to Julien and everyone making cucumber-js.