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Karma CSS

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Karma CSS is a mobile first, responsive CSS boilerplate framework built on top of normalize and a powerful flexbox grid system.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide a sensible set css defaults that DO NOT impose any style on the end result. But provides enough building blocks to quickly get started and aid construction of your site.

We support all modern browsers and back to IE10, please see the full list.

Whats included?

  • Normalize
  • A powerful flex based grid system that has multiple configurable breakpoints and columns. See docs
  • Variables to:
    • customize the default look of form fields, buttons, tables, fonts and more. See docs
    • creating of additional button styles. See docs
    • defining system wide colours to use will in turn create helpers to set font and background colours to use in your html. See docs
    • easily keep track of z-index layers and avoid issues like zindex:99999. See docs
  • Several useful mixins such as:
    • responsive breakpoints
    • clearfix
    • css-triangle
    • box-shadow
    • see docs
  • Lots of additional helper classes. See docs


Though simple, with minimal effort, overriding 4 variables and adding 70 lines of css.

sample 1

Where can I read more?

The documentation can be found at

Can I contribute?

We welcome all comments and contributions via Github.

Getting Started

View the getting started guide or clone the starter project on Github.

All you will need to do is

$ npm install


$ npm run watch

Additional installation methods include


$ npm install karma-css


$ bower install karma-css


$ git clone

Or alternatively the CDN if you only want the defaults

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">