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karma-blink1-reporter uses a blink(1) device to display Karam test results.

Only works with Karma 0.9 or later which enables custom plugins.


  1. Make sure you're using Karma 0.9+ karma --version. You may install the latest (unstable) version using npm install -g karma@canary

  2. Install the blink(1) software from the blink(1) homepage

  3. Install karma-blink1-reporter

  $ npm install -g karma-blink1-reporter
  1. Add the plugin too reporters
  reporters = ['blink1'];
  1. Start the blink(1) software

  2. Run your tests


Some properties of the plugin can be changes in the Karma config file by adding the blink1 key.

   /* Default vales */
   blink1 = {
        baseUrl: 'http://localhost:8934/blink1/',
        fault: 'FF0000',
        error: 'FFA500',
        success: '00FF00',
        duration: 1.5


karma-blink-reporter is licensed under the MIT License.