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Kaltura node.js API Client Library.

Compatible with Kaltura server version 10.20.0 and above.

Very Basic sanity

  • Edit tests/config.js and set partner_id, secret and service_url to match your ENV
  • Run node /tests/testme.js

Code contributions

We are happy to accept pull requests, please look at

The contents of this package are auto generated from

Relevant files are:

  • generator/sources/node
  • generator/NodeClientGenerator.php

Creating a new NPM package

  • Install latest npm [old versions have issues logging into the npmjs repo
  • Edit package.json and inc the version to the latest API schema
  • If new deps were added, add them to the dependencies section, '*' means any version is accepted, if a specific version or range of versions is needed see:
$ man 7 semver


  • Run npm login and supply the kaltura account credentials
  • Run npm publish to push the new package
  • See new package under
  • Install the new package and test it some to ensure it was correctly packaged and is working:)