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    One stop solution for dapp developers

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    🚀 Overview

    KAIZEN is an one stop solution for dapp and dweb developer. With KAIZEN, you get:

    • Develop and manage multiple decentralized tech in one platform.
    • Easily build your blockchain on popular cloud providers.
    • Customize an existing blockchain to fulfill your requirements.

    📚 Table of Contents

    🚀 Quick Start

    STEP 1. Install via npm:

    npm install -g kaizen-cli 

    STEP 2. Create a project:

    kaizen create --template react --name myproject

    STEP 3. Deploy smart contracts:

    kaizen contracts deploy --url https://github.com/PortalNetwork/kaizen-contracts/tree/master/ERC20

    STEP 4. Upload project to IPFS, BTFS or Swarm:

    # Upload to IPFS
    kaizen upload ipfs ./build
    # or upload to BTFS
    kaizen upload btfs ./build
    # or upload to Swarm
    kaizen upload swarm [file]

    STEP 5. Hosting instance on AWS

    kaizen instances run nym-loopix-mixnode

    🔨 Command Topics

    Platform (Alpha)

    The KAIZEN Platform is currently in experimental alpha.

    📦 Dapp Templates

    • [React] - Dapp template make by react framework
    • [Vue] - Dapp template make by vue framework
    • [Plain-near] - Near protocol dapp template simple version
    • [React-near] - Near protocol dapp template make by react

    📦 Subgraph Templates

    • [Subgraph] - Subgraph template, more information please visit here

    🏗 Plugins

    • Bluzelle - Decentralized database
    • NKN - Data transmisstion
    • ICON - Blockchain
    • Orbit - Decentralized database
    • Arweave - Decentralized file storage
    • Fluence - Decentralized database
    • Sia - Decentralized file storage
    • NOIA - Decentralized CDN
    • Near - Scalable decentralized application
    • Tellor - Decentralized oracle service
    • Skale - Elastic blockchain network
    • Ren - Inter-blockchain liquidity for all decentralized applications
    • Nervos - Multi-asset, store of value blockchain
    • Kava - Cross-chain CDP platform for leverage assets
    • Zabo - Multiple crypto wallet provider
    • Loom - The Production-ready, Multichain Interop Platform for Serious Dapp Developers
    • Ramp - Ramp Network offer fiat to crypto currency exchange
    • Witnet - Witnet provides decentralized oracle network
    • 0xcert - Build decentralized apps using fungible and non-fungible tokens quickly, cost efficiently and securely.
    • Keep - Keep network is an off-chain container for private data.
    • Torus - New Frictionless login for Dapps.

    ⚙️ Instances

    • NYM - Decentralized privacy
    • Golem - Decentralized cloud computing

    📑 Smart Contracts

    🚰 Faucet

    Join Faucet
    Claim test net tokens, https://faucet.portal.network/:

    🔌 Demo

    Nifty Game

    • Nifty Game - Nifty is a non-fungible token game build by KAIZEN. Nifty Game


    💡 Community

    📣 Contributing

    We love our contributors!

    See CONTRIBUTING.md for how to help out.

    Quick Start: Check out help wanted or good first issue labels to find issues we want to move forward on with your help.

    📧 Contact

    For any questions, please contact chris@portal.network or join telegram: http://bit.ly/2XjhQV2

    🗒 Licence

    See LICENSE for details.


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