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A high-level client library in Node.js for the Apache Kafka project with Zookeeper integration

Kafka is a persistent, efficient, distributed publish/subscribe messaging system.
Prozess is a Kafka client library used for low-level access from node-kafka-zookeeper.

Consumer example:

A Kafkazoo object handles broker enumeration and offset storage

var Kafkazoo = require('kafka-zookeeper').Kafkazoo;
var kafka = new Kafkazoo({
  host: 'localhost',
  port: 2181,
  zkPath: '/'
var onMessages = function (error, messages, acknowledge) {
    if (error) return log.error(error);
    // log some details'Received %d messages', messages.length);
    log.debug(messages[0].substring(0, 100) + '...');
    // and get next batch 
    acknowledge(true); // false will resend the same messages after a delay 
// Start consuming 
kafka.consume('MessageHeaders', 'dcrouse', onMessages);
// Stop consuming 

Utility examples:

The Kafkazoo object also exposes some utility functions - used internally and useful for testing

var _ = require('underscore');
var Kafkazoo = require('kafka-zookeeper');
var kafka = new Kafkazoo({
  host: 'localhost',
  port: 2181
var topic = 'KafkaTopic', group = 'ConsumerGroup';
// Retrieve all consumer offsets for topic/group 
var onConsumerOffsets = function(offsets, error) {
  if (error) return console.error('onConsumerOffsets', error);
  console.log('Offsets', offsets);
kafka.getConsumerOffsets(topic, group, onConsumerOffsets);
// Initialize consumer offsets 
var onInitializeConsumerOffsets = function(error) {
  if (error) return console.error('onInitializeConsumerOffsets', error);
  console.log('Consumer offsets initialized');
kafka.initializeConsumerOffsets(topic, group, onInitializeConsumerOffsets);


npm install kafka-zookeeper

Checkout the code and run the tests:

git clone
cd node-kafka-zookeeper; npm test

Kafka Compatability matrix:

Kakfa 0.8.0 ReleaseNot Supported
Kafka 0.7.2 ReleaseSupported
Kafka 0.7.1 ReleaseSupported
Kafka 0.7.0 ReleaseSupported
kafka-0.6Consumer-only support.
kafka-0.05Not Supported

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