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Retrieve your MIDI device model and manufacturer

See the online demo (requires a MIDI insreument connected to your computer).


Node.js module: npm install jzz-midi-gear.

Full development version and minified scripts are available at GitHub.

This script requires JZZ.

Your questions and comments are welcome here.


// in Node.js:
var JZZ = require('jzz');
// or in HTML:
<script src="JZZ.js"></script>
<script src="JZZ.midi.Gear.js"></script>
// ...
// start the MIDI engine:
  var inputs =;
  var outputs =;
  // enable message handlers on all MIDI-In ports:
  for (var i in inputs) this.openMidiIn(i).connect(function(msg){
    if (msg.isIdResponse()) {
      var gear = msg.gearInfo();
      console.log('ID Response SysEx received:');
      console.log('   port:    ' +;
      console.log('   message: ' + msg);
      console.log('   brand:   ' + gear.brand);
      console.log('   model:   ' + gear.model);
      console.log('   device:  ' + gear.descr);
  // send the ID Request SysEx to all MIDI-Out ports:
  for (var i in outputs) this.openMidiOut(i).sxIdRequest();
// ...
// in Node.js - don't forget to stop the engine when done:

The expected output will look similar to the following:

ID Response SysEx received:
   port:    Roland RD
   message: f0 7e 10 06 02 41 2b 02 00 00 00 01 00 00 f7
   brand:   Roland
   model:   RD-700GX
   device:  Digital Stage Piano


If JZZ.midi.Gear cannot correctly identify you device, please help us fix the script:

- tell us!


- do it yourself!

  • Clone the project repository from
  • In the project root directory run npm update
  • Update the data/models.txt and/or data/vendors.txt
  • In the project root directory run grunt
  • Commit to your branch
  • Create a pull request