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jxt - JSON/XML Translation for the Browser

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Browser Support

What is this?

A basic framework for translating XML to dev-friendly JSON and back again, and can be used both in the browser and in node.


$ npm install jxt

Building bundled/minified version (for AMD, etc)

$ make build

The bundled and minified files will be in the generated build directory.

How to use it

First, we define the mapping between our XML and desired JSON:

// Create a registry instance that will track our definitions and
// extensions.
var jxt = require('jxt').createRegistry();
var helpers = jxt.utils;
var Message = jxt.define({
    name: 'message',
    namespace: 'jabber:client',
    element: 'message',
    fields: {
        to: helpers.attribute('to'),
        from: helpers.attribute('from'),
        subject: helpers.textSub('jabber:client', 'subject'),
        body: helpers.textSub('jabber:client', 'body')

Now, we can create Message objects, and set fields and treat it just like JSON, and it will map it to XML.

var msg = new Message(); = '';
msg.body = 'giving a demo of jxt';
// {to: '', body: 'giving a demo of jxt'}
// <message xmlns="jabber:client" to=""><body>giving a demo of jxt</body></message>

Mappings can be extended:

// jxt is our registry object
var Ext = jxt.define({
    name: 'demoExt',
    namespace: 'jxt',
    element: 'demo',
    fields: {
        text: jxt.text()
jxt.extend(Message, Ext);
var msg = new Message();
msg.demoExt.text = 'an extension';
// {demoExt: {text: 'an extension'}}
// <message xmlns="jabber:client"><demo xmlns="jxt">an extension</demo></message>

Predefined Field Types

  • attribute
  • b64Text
  • boolAttribute
  • boolSub
  • boolSubAttribute
  • dateAttribute
  • dateSub
  • dateSubAttribute
  • enumSub
  • langAttribute
  • multiTextSub
  • numberAttribute
  • numberSub
  • numberSubAttribute
  • subAttribute
  • langTextSub
  • textSub
  • text



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