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JustMath.js - 2D Vector Math

An implementation of two dimensional vector math including a rich toolset for vector operations. It's also the math library behind eSoccer, a cross-platform multiplayer HTML5 game developed at University of Applied Sciences Bonn.


  • Augments core Math
  • Allows replacement of all methods (e.g. custom implementations of JustMath.sqrt(value))
  • Adds some convenience methods (JustMath.sq(value), JustMath.cot(angle))


  • Vector instantiation (new Vec2(vOrX[, y])) and cloning (Vec2#clone())

  • Direct modification through Vec2#x and Vec2#y, also provides getters (Vec2#getX(), Vec2#getY()) and a setter (Vec2#set(vOrX[, y]))

  • Vector addition (Vec2#add(vOrX[, y])), subtraction (Vec2#sub(vOrX[, y])) and multiplication (Vec2#dot(vOrX[, y])))

  • Vector orthogonality (Vec2#ort())

  • Vector normalization (Vec2#norm()), scaling (Vec2#scale(factor)), inversion (Vec2#inv()) and magnitude (Vec2#mag(), Vec2#magSq()) calculation

  • Vector-Vector distances (Vec2#dist(b), Vec2#distSq(b))

  • Vector rotation (Vec2#rot(angle)) and direction calculation (Vec2#dir())

  • Vector projection (Vec2#project(b)) and rejection (Vec2#reject(b))

  • Vector reflection (Vec2#reflect(n)), also with component-wise (projected and rejected component) scaling (Vec2#reflectAndScale(n, projectFactor, rejectFactor))

  • Vector interpolation (Vec2#lerp(p, percent))

  • Vector containment in rectangle (Vec2#inRect(p1, p2))

  • [Vector,Vector] determinant calculation (Vec2.det(v1, v2))

  • Provides Vector#toString and Vector#equals()

  • Provides vector operation chaining, e.g.

    var a = new Vec2(1,2);
    var b = new Vec2(2,1);
    var n = new Vec2(0,1);
  • Provides Vec2#toString() for pain-free debugging

  • Is of course able to evaluate Vec2#equals(b)

  • Exports and imports JSON payloads (Vec2#getXY(), new Vec2(jsonPayload))

  • Small allocation footprint when using Vec2#clone() wisely

  • Accepts another Vec2 or plain X and Y coordinates as parameters where possible (e.g. Vec2#add(vOrX[, y]))


  • CommonJS compatible
  • RequireJS/AMD compatible
  • Shim compatible
  • node.js compatible, also available via npm (npm install justmath)
  • Closure Compiler ADVANCED_OPTIMIZATIONS compatible (fully annotated)
  • Fully documented using jsdoc3
  • Zero dependencies and prerequisites
  • Small footprint


Node.js / CommonJS

  • Install: npm install justmath
var JustMath = require("justmath"),
    Vec2 = JustMath.Vec2;
var a = new Vec2(1,2);
console.log("Not more than "+a.x+""+a.y+", 3.");

Browser (shim)

<script src="//"></script>
var JustMath = dcodeIO.JustMath,
    Vec2 = JustMath.Vec2;
var a = new Vec2(1,2);
alert("Not more than "+a.x+""+a.y+", 3.");

RequireJS / AMD

var JustMath = require("/path/to/JustMath.js"),
    Vec2 = JustMath.Vec2;
var a = new Vec2(1,2);
alert("Not more than "+a.x+""+a.y+", 3.");



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