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JustJaded - A Static Site Generator

Sometimes you want to write a personal website. But it's a pain. You don't like most static site generators. Chances are you won't like this one either, but F&#* you've tried all the ones that follow the rules; now it's time to break some.

What is It?

Jaded is a Static Site Generator written as a Grunt Task. Specifically it will be a fully comprehensive Static Site generator; similar to Jekyll.


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What does it do?

It compiles Jade with Yaml data templates!

How it this different then me using Jade and Yaml?

Well it will be adding more technologies and helpers as time goes on. It's a work in progress.

Now it is notable the the intent was to use Yaml for all your data and use Jade for basic templates.

The early concept is a little rusty on implementing that idea and could use some development, a plan I am still working on.

Notably Jaded does have Glob Includes for both Jade and Yaml. Note the Following; yes it does work. Please see jade-glob-include for more details.

  include includes/{header,sections/*,footer}

The Yaml includes work relatively the same.

  title: Home
  recent_posts: include blog_posts/*.{yaml,yml}

Now I also broke the Yaml Spec in a couple other places by adding what I'm calling "Formats".

You can specify a Format in your initial page Yaml Config.

  format!: 'default'
  title: Page

You can then change the resulting data by using only!:, except!: and direct <format>!: keys.

  format!: 'default'
  title: page
      except!: ['minimal', 'no-header']
      content: My Header
      default!: |
        Lots of Text Here!
      minimal!: |
        Less Text.
      only!: default
      content: Footer Message

Anyway I know it's unorthodox but hey. Opinions and new ideas, they power the world.

What is the default Style Framework?

Since Compass is yet to be integrated... none. Unlike Bootstrap and other popular static site generators Jaded will be packaging Zurb Foundation by default.

What will it do in the future?

  • Uglify.JS

  • SCSS Compiler - Compass

  • Zurb Foundation Default Framework

  • Static Asset Management

    • CDN Deploys
    • Image Compression
  • Blog Helpers

    • Pagination
    • Tagging
    • Index Pages
    • JS Search?module.exports = (grunt) -> grunt.initConfig pkg: grunt.file.readJSON('package.json')
  • Sitemap

  • Github Pages Generation

The goal is that all this will be customizable and extendable. Let's see where this one goes?

Damn I hate these hacks, sign me up.

npm install justjaded --save-dev `

module.exports = (grunt) ->
    pkg: grunt.file.readJSON('package.json')
        # Changes where 
        # files output to. 
        buildDir: '_build'
        # Made code pretty 
        # Applies to all! 
        pretty: true
        # Show debug information 
        # Applies to all! 
        debug: true
        # Jade additional template data 
          var: val
        # Jade Initialization function 
        jadeInit: ->
          # String.prototype 
          # extensions and the 
          # like go here 
          # Uses: _src/yaml/index.yaml 
         'index.html': '_src/jade/index.jade'
          # Uses: _src/yaml/page2.yaml 
         'page2.html': '_src/jade/page2.jade'
          # Uses: _src/yaml/page2/alt.yaml 
         'page2/alt.html': '_src/jade/page2.jade'
          pretty: false
          debug: false
          buildDir: '.'
           # Uses: yaml/index.yaml 
          'index.html': 'jade/index.jade'
           # Uses: yaml/page2.yaml 
          'page2.html': 'jade/page2.jade'
           # Uses: yaml/page2/alt.yaml 
          'page2/alt.html': 'jade/page2.jade'
  grunt.loadNpmTasks 'justjaded'
  grunt.registerTask 'build'['justjaded:development']
  grunt.registerTask 'deploy'['justjaded:release']




npm i justjaded

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