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1.2.1 • Public • Published



Install with npm

npm install just-login-client


var client = require('just-login-client')

client([dnodeEndpoint,] cb)

This function handles remembering the session id in the browser's local storage.


  • dnodeEndpoint is a string for the endpoint that dnode uses for communication. This argument is optional, and defaults to "/dnode". The string must start with a forward slash /.
  • cb is a function that has the following arguments:
    • err is either null or an Error object.
    • newApi is documented here.
    • sessionId is the new (or previous, when applicable) session id.


An event emitter which can emit the events shown below.


Also, client sets window.emitter as an event emitter, and it emits these events:

  • session is emitted when a session is initiated. An object is emitted with the following properties:
    • sessionId The id for the current session. E.g. 3879533A-1F34-11E4-A8DE-C92C3319C4E0
    • continued Whether or not the session was continued from a previous session. E.g. true, false
  • authenticated is emitted when the user gets authenticated. It only gets emitted on a new session. Emits the email of the user who logged in. E.g. you@youremail.com
emitter.on('session', function (data) {
    console.log(data.continued) //boolean for if the session was continued or newly created
    console.log(data.sessionId) //string for the session id
emitter.on('authenticated', function (whom) {
    t.ok(whom, "got authenticated")
    t.equal(whom, fakeEmailAddress, "correct email (new)")


Create a server:

var Jlc = require('just-login-core')
var Jlsa = require('just-login-server-api')
var http = require('http')
var level = require('level-mem')
var shoe = require('shoe')
var dnode = require('dnode')
var db = level('uniqueNameHere')
var jlc = Jlc(db)
var jlsa = Jlsa(jlc)
var server = http.createServer()
var sock = shoe(function(stream) {
    var d = dnode(jlsa)
sock.install(server, "/dnode-example")

Create a client:

var client = require('just-login-client')
var myEmitter = client("/dnode-example", function (err, newApi, sessionId) {
    if (!err) {
        //do stuff with the api
myEmitter.on('new session', function (sessionId) {
    console.log("Brand new, shiny session!", sessionId)
myEmitter.on('continue session', function (sessionId) {
    console.log("Reusing my session!", sessionId)
myEmitter.on('authenticated', function () {
    console.log("I'm ecstatic! I just got logged in!")