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npm install just-login-client


var createSession = require('just-login-client')

createSession(api, cb)

This function handles remembering the session id in the browser's local storage.

The callback has three arguments: err, newApi, and sessionId.

  • err is obviously the error, if there is one.
  • newApi is whatever was given from continueExistingSession or createNewSession in the api argument. For the coming example, the just-login-server-api is used, and is documented here.
  • sessionId is the new or previous (if applicable) session id.


Require everything:

var Jlc = require('just-login-core')
var Jlsa = require('just-login-server-api')
var level = require('level-mem')
var createSession = require('just-login-client')

Set up a Just Login Server Api object with a Just Login Core object:

var db = level('uniqueNameHere')
var jlc = Jlc(db)
var jlsa = Jlsa(jlc)

Give the Api to the client:

createSession(jlsa, function (err, newApi, sessionId) {
	if (!err) {
		//do stuff with the api