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Simple logging, nothing else.


This module provides very simple logging, and nothing else, for nodejs modules.

There are so many logging framework that it was faster to write one than to find the right one for me. Usage and output kind of mimics log4j.

Get a logger with the default name (the current module filename):

var logger = require('logger').getLogger();

Get a module with a specific name:

var logger = require('logger').getLogger('MY-LOGGER');

Log messages at different log levels:

logger.debug('Calibrating hyperplan gyroscopes...');'Running system checks %d out of %d', i, total);

logger.warn('Polarization failure, switching to backup generator', error);

logger.warn('Catastrophic failure!', error);

With the default settings, this outputs the following:

[2012-09-23T07:04:37.990Z][WARN][6649][EngineSubSystem] Object.<anonymous>():14 Polarization failure, switching to backup generator [Error: null]
[2012-09-23T07:04:37.996Z][DEBUG][6649][EngineSubSystem] init():4 Calibrating hyperplan gyroscope...
[2012-09-23T07:04:37.997Z][INFO][6649][EngineSubSystem] runChecks():10 Running system checks 12 out of 287
[2012-09-23T07:04:37.997Z][ERROR][6649][EngineSubSystem] shutdown():18 Catastrophic failure! [Error: Divided by e^(pi * i) + 1] = 'LOG';
logger.format = '[%d{JSON}][%p][%t][%c] %M:%L %m';

Variables allowed in the format string:

  • %d: date

  • %d{FORMAT}: formatted date. Possible formats include:

    • JSON
    • ISOString
    • UTCString
    • DateString ...
  • %p: type (INFO, DEBUG, etc)

  • %t: process id

  • %c: logger name

  • %M: method name

  • %L: line number

  • %m: message