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Tooling starter project

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Replace the following placeholders in your package.json, bower.json and yuidoc.json

Placeholder Description Example
PROJECT_NAME The name of your project Tooling
PROJECT_DESCRIPTION Short description of your project Bare starter project equipped with modular tasks
REPO_URL URL to your project's git repository
AUTHOR Author of your project in NAME format Nicky van Meurs <>
LICENSE Your project's license MIT or GPL
0.0.0 Your project's version 0.1.12 (see for versioning standard)


Basic commands

Command Description
node run lint Lint the project's JavaScript sources (See usage tips)
node run serve Serve development version of the project [see: serveDev]
node run build Build documentation and the production version of the project [see: buildDocs + BuildProd]
node run docs Generates the documentation, then serves the generated documentation * [see: buildDocs + serveDocs]
node run test Run the tests for the project using Karma (Languages: Mocha + Chai)
node run clean Cleans the docs/api and dist folders [see: cleanDocs + cleanDist]
node run cleanDocs Cleans the docs/api folder
node run cleanDist Cleans the dist folder

Advanced commands

Command Description
node run buildDev Build the development version of the project
node run serveDev Serve the development build of the project on the webpack development server **
node run buildProd Build the production version of the project
node run serveProd Serve the production build of the project on a static HTTP server **
node run buildDocs Generate documentation for the project using YUIDoc
node run serveDocs Serve the generated documentation on a static HTTP server *
node run cleanBower Cleans the bower folder

* = View documentation at http://localhost:3000/api

** = View served project at http://localhost:8080/**

Usage tips

  • Use NPM to install libraries over Bower for usage and performance benefits
  • Install an ESLint plugin into your IDE of choice (it read the rules from .eslintrc)
  • Install an EditorConfig plugin into your IDE of choice (it will make sure the IDE behaves in the same way for all project members)


  • Compiles LESS/SASS/Stylus
  • Import (preprocessed) stylesheets into modules
  • Import JSON files into modules (returns JSON Object)
  • Import Image files into stylesheet and HTML (Returns data blob or url to file based on the file size)
  • Compiles ES2015/React to ES5
  • ES2015/ES5 linting using ESLint
  • Generates sourcemaps (using eval in development, using sourcemap files during production)
  • Uglifies scripts
  • Development server that watches the filesystem for changes and replaces modules on the fly
  • Intregated Mocha and Chai with Karma as test runner
  • YUIDoc integration
  • Add docs to repo's wiki (see tooling_docs folder)
  • Tasks using simple NodeJS scripts (no grunt/gulp)
  • Optimize extraction of modules that are required by two or more other modules

To do

  • Add JSCS for JavaScript code style checking (Code style open for discussion)
  • Discuss ESLint rules
  • Add CSS/SASS/Stylus/LESS linting
  • Add CSS minification
  • Add HTML linting
  • Add HTML minification
  • Add framework specific examples / starter projects
  • Integrate Protractor.js
  • Add remaining tasks as issues to the repo

How do I structure my project?

You are free to structure your project in anyway you want as long as you have

  • docs/ (contains the project's documentation)
    • custom/ (OPTIONAL hook in YUIDoc's main template)
    • themes/ (YUIDoc themes)
  • src/ (contains the project's source code)
    • vendor/ (contains vendor libraries that are not available on NPM nor Bower)
    • index.html (HTML entrypoint / Main template)
    • main.js (JavaScript entrypoint / Main module)
    • main.development.js (Development exclusive logic)
    • main.production.js (Production exclusive logic)
  • tasks/ (contains the tooling's tasks i.e. serve, build)
  • .babelrc (Babel settings)
  • .bowerrc (Bower settings)
  • .editorconfig (IDE settings)
  • .eslintignore (ESLint ignored files)
  • .eslintrc (ESLint linting rules)
  • .gitattributes (Git settings)
  • .gitignore (Git ignored files/folders)
  • bower.json (Bower dependencies)
  • karma.conf.js (Test runner settings)
  • package.json (Project settings)
  • run.js (Task runner script)
  • spec.bundle.js (Webpack bundle for running tests)
  • (Webpack development configuration)
  • (Webpack production configuration)
  • yuidoc.json (YUIDoc settings)

Example (Out-of-date)

How to structure my project

How do I work with modules?


How to export modules


How to import modules


Topic URL
ES2015 cheatsheet
Mocha reference
Chai reference


Feel free to ask questions on our Gitter channel!


Nicky van Meurs (@nvanmeurs)




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