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Jura: A backup utility


Jura is a backup utility that archives local files and uploads them to remote locations. Currently only Google Drive storage is supported as a remote location.


  • node.js version 0.10.x or later


Jura can be installed via npm: npm install jura.

Typical workflow

First you'll want to create a new repository and index some files that you want to backup:

  1. jura init Initializes the repository. All information about the repository will be saved in a .jura directory in the current working directory
  2. jura add file.txt Adds a file to the index
  3. jura list Lists all files that are currently part of the index

After you have added some files to the index you'll want to add a mirror that will host your backup:

  1. jura add-drive-mirror myMirror backups/someFolder Adds a mirror. myMirror is an internal name, you can choose any name you like. backups/someFolder is the name of the folder on Google Drive that will contain your backups
  2. jura auth-mirror myMirror Authorize Jura to access your Google Drive
  3. jura init-mirror myMirror Create the backup folder you specified earlier on Google Drive

After setting things up you can backup your data by running jura backup myMirror.

In case you want to restore your backup you would use:

  1. jura rev-list myMirror This lists all backups you have uploaded
  2. jura rev-restore myMirror 2014-06-29T19:00:32.802Z Restores the backup from the specified time stamp