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Jupyter devinstall tool

Utility designed to simplify the installation of a Jupyter/IPython development environment.

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Make sure you have iojs (and npm, which is included) installed on your machine, then run:

npm install -g jupyter-devinstall

(you may need to prefix the line with sudo)


Usage: jupyter-devinstall [options] <githubName> <installdir>


  -h, --help               output usage information
  -P, --skip-pip           skip pip projects
  -N, --skip-npm           skip npm projects
  -r, --reinstall          reinstall existing repositories, without recloning
  --python [string]        path of the python executable [python]
  -o, --overwrite          overwrite existing directories
  -u, --upstream [string]  name of the non-origin git remote [upstream]
  -g, --global             global install
  -n, --no-install         don't install
  -U, --upstream-origin    set the origin to point to upstream
  -S, --ssh                use SSH (git protocol) when setting up remotes
  -s, --silent             don't prompt the user for anything
  -V, --version            output the version number

Example for GitHub username jdfreder installed to the HOME directory:

jupyter-devinstall jdfreder ~/


If you have not specified the --silent (-s for short) flag, part way through the tool will behave like a wizard, prompting you for input.

The tool will ask you if you want to install locally, globally, or not at all:

  • locally - pip install each repository
  • globally - pip install each repository with the -g flag. This may require sudo, which may have undesired side effects.
  • not at all - doesn't pip/npm install anything

Default workflow

The default workflow installed by this tool is that origin points to your fork of the upstream repository. You can change this behavior by using the -U flag, to force origin to point to the upstream repo. For example,

jupyter-devinstall jdfreder ~/ -U -u me

will setup the clones so origin points to the upstream repo and me points to the forked repo (in the example this is in jdfreder).

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