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    Junokit is a development framework for building juno contracts. The aim of the project is to make juno contracts development process simple, efficient and scalable. User can focus on logic of juno contract and not much about further steps in development. It facilitates features such as initiating project repo from contract templates, easy compilation of contracts, deployment, Interacting with contracts using schema and contract testing framework.


    The minimum packages/requirements are as follows:

    • Node 14+
    • Yarn v1.22+ or NPM `v6.0+**
    • Connection to an Juno node.

    Install junokit

    Installation from released version

    To install junokit globally in your system you can use:

    • Using Yarn: yarn global add junokit
    • Using NPM: npm install -g junokit

    Installation from master.

    The master branch corresponds to the latest version.

    To use junokit on your system, follow the steps below:

    $ git clone https://github.com/arufa-research/junokit.git
    $ cd junokit
    $ yarn install
    $ yarn build
    $ cd packages/junokit
    $ yarn link
    $ chmod +x $HOME/.yarn/bin/junokit

    Install dependencies

    Setup Rust compiler

    $ cd infrastructure
    $ make setup-rust

    Follow our infrastructure README for instructions how to setup a private network.


    Initialize a project

    $ junokit init <project-name>

    This will create a directory inside current directory with boiler-plate code. The contracts/ directory has all the rust files for the contract logic. scripts/ directory contains .js scripts that user can write according to the use case, a sample script has been added to give some understanding of how a user script should look like. test/ directory contains .js scripts to run tests for the deployed contracts.

    Listing Tasks

    To see the possible tasks (commands) that are available, go to project's folder.

    $ junokit

    This is the list of built-in tasks. This is your starting point to find out what tasks are available to run.

    Compile the project

    To compile the contracts, Go to project directory:

    $ cd <project-name>
    $ junokit compile

    This command will generate compiled .wasm files in artifacts/contracts/ dir and schema .json files in artifacts/schema/ dir.

    Cleanup Artifacts

    To clear artifacts data, use

    $ junokit clean

    This will remove the artifacts directory completely. To clean artifacts for only one contract, use

    $ junokit clean <contract-name>

    This will remove specific files related to that contract.

    Running user scripts

    User scripts are a way to define the flow of interacting with contracts on some network in form of a script. These scripts can be used to deploy a contract, query/transact with the contract.A sample script scripts/sample-script.js is available in the boilerplate.

    Run tests

    $ yarn run test


    This project is forked from hardhat, and just base on the hardhat-core part then modify it under MIT license.


    hardhat - Hardhat is a development environment to compile, deploy, test, and debug your Ethereum software. Get Solidity stack traces & console.log.


    npm i junokit

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