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Jungles Validators

Validators and sanitizer to be used with jungles-validation.

Validator api

var validator = function (parameters) {
  // parameters: use these to pass extra info to validator. For example a custom message. 
  return function (data, key, errors, sanitize, callback) {
    // data: the object that is getting validated 
    // key: the key that is being validated 
    // errors: object that holds your errors 
    // sanitize: object that holds your sanitized data 
    // callback: when everything is done 

Jungles Validation

If you are using this with jungles-validation then you need to use the following api for your errors and sanitized values.


Errors expect an object of arrays.

var error = {
  key: [ 'error one' , 'error two' ]

The utils module has a helper to set values on an array that's a property of an object.

pushValue(object, key, value);

Sanitzed values

Normal object.

Current validators and sanitizers

  • required
  • string
  • integer
  • decimal
  • email
  • array
  • url
  • compare
  • boolean


mocha.js and should.js is needed.

make test