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Jungles Panel

Control panel for Jungles. It's a single page app for that uses Angular.js.


var panel = require('jungles-panel')({ url: /* string: url to jungles-rest */, });


var panel = require('jungles-panel')({ url: '/jungles/api', });


This is the url pointing to the API where it should get the data. In most cases this will be Jungles Rest.


app.use('/jungles', panel)


If you like to set a custom icon on your type you can use the following code:

var type = {
  name: 'picture',
  icon: {
    name: 'icon-picture',
    color: '#000000',

For icons we use the awesome font fontawesome (3.2.0). The color is a css color value. Icon, name and color are all optional and will default to a gray icon-file icon.


Angular.js supports html5 input attributes so you can add required, type='email', ... If a form isn't valid on the client you wont be able to click the save button.