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    Jumpstart template for an open source JavaScript module that's written in CoffeeScript.

    This template assumes:

    • you're using GitHub;
    • you want the GitHub repository name to be the same as the npm module name;
    • you want to use Mocha for writing tests, or you don't mind having it available;
    • you want to release your code under the MIT License.

    There are configuration files for Textmate 2 and Travis CI.

    The generated file includes status badges for Travis CI and David DM.


    npm install jumpstart
    npm install jumpstart-black-coffee


    Jumpstart looks for a .jumpstart.json file inside your current working directory - or if not found, in your home directory - for global values for the various placeholders. See Jumpstart documentation for


    Starting a new project

    jumpstart dirname black-coffee

    You will be asked to provide values for the placeholders inside the black-coffee template. Jumpstart then creates a new directory dirname containing the filled-out template.

    Notes on proper placeholders values:

    • github-ownername -- will be used for the github repository url. Set it either to the same as github-username, or to the name of a github organization you are a member of.
    • module-is-private -- either the string true or the string false. Jumpstart does not know about booleans. If you give it any other value (e.g. leave it blank), you'll end up with invalid json in the generated files.

    After creating a new project it's recommended you run the following command once:

    Initializing the new project

    Go to your newly created project directory.

    npm run jumpstart

    This command

    • runs npm install, which will install the dev-dependencies (coffee-script, mocha and pre-commit)
    • creates an empty .coffee file named after the module in both src/ and test/.

    Running npm run jumpstart afterwards is optional.

    Conveniences during development

    During development, you can make use of the following commands.

    • npm run build -- compiles all .coffee files in src/ and outputs into lib/.
    • npm run watch -- let coffee watch src/ for changes, and compile any changed .coffee file to lib/.
    • npm test -- runs npm run build, and mocha tests afterwards

    These commands require the dev-dependencies to be installed. You can do so with npm install.

    When you do npm publish, npm test will be run first, ensuring that the JavaScript code you're publishing is both fresh and working (in so far it's covered by tests). When you attempt to make a commit with git, npm test will also be run first.

    See also the Jumpstart documentation.


    jumpstart-black-coffee is released under the MIT License. Copyright (c) 2016 Braveg1rl


    npm i jumpstart-black-coffee

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