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Sleek. Sexy. Minimalist.

JumperSkirt is a Stylus framework that brings those goals together for web app UI. It encodes the UX view for OrpheOS applications in a simple to use library. What else could you ask for?


Grab it from NPM:

$ npm install jumper-skirt

Then either include through the command line stylus:

$ stylus -I node_modules/jumper-skirt/src your-stylus-dir/

Or use the Stylus plugin on Node:

var jumperSkirt = require('jumper-skirt')
var stylus = require('stylus')
  .render(function(err, css) {
    /* do stuff with the compiled CSS here */

Then just import the relevant files in your Stylus files:

@import "jumper-skirt/layout/typography" 
@import "jumper-skirt/layout/grid"
  jsk-grid-make-column: 12
  jsk-grid-make-column: 9
  jsk-grid-make-column: 3


Run the bundled test server to see the test suite:

$ npm run-script test
# or alternatively $ node test/run-tests


JumperSkirt is licensed under the delicious and permissive MIT licence. You can happily copy, share, modify, sell or whatever — refer to the actual licence text for less information:

$ less LICENCE.txt