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    Vue app generator JUGS-VUE makes getting started with VueJS easy!

    • Vue + VueRouter : Modern SPA framework inspired by React and Angular
    • Vue Hot Reload API : Live reloading system
    • Vuex : Flux data management. Multiple stores, single dispatcher, no clumsy reducers
    • Buefy : Modern component library extension of Bulma
    • Parcel : Project compilation, module bundler, uglifier, etc.
    • Babel : Modern JS to ES5 compiler formerly called 6to5
    • Pug : Templating system made easy
    • Stylus : Powerful CSS Preprocessor with a beautiful syntax

    Table of Contents


    Simply install this package globally and run it:

    npm install -g jugs-vue
    mkdir appName
    cd appName

    follow the instructions and it will set everything up for you and install dependencies. After it's finished to run the project and have it automatically listen to the code for changes and update merely run the command:

    npm start

    And just like that, you're on the way to making your app!

    File Structure

    │ └─ <-(assets copied here on compile)
    ├─ src
    │ ├─assets
    │ │ └─ (imgs/html/pdf/other go here)
    │ ├─routes
    │ │ ├─help
    │ │ │ ├─index.js (route index file)
    │ │ │ └─HelpIndex.vue (help page controller)
    │ │ └─Dashboard.vue (landing page controller)
    │ ├─ routes.js (all route initialization)
    │ ├─ App.vue (the root vue page component)
    │ ├─ index.styl (app-wide stylus file)
    │ ├─ index.pug (app html file)
    │ └─ index.js (app initializaiton of vue instance)
    ├─ package.json


    This boilerplate of mine is just a combination of great tools, all credit goes to those who actually put in all the hard work to create them.

    • Parcel has been an instrumental boost in productivity and clean code, allowing the the use of the ES2015 module system. Moving from webpack has greatly improved speed
    • Though Pug (formerly Jade,) has been seen predominately as a server-side helper for templating, I find it incredibly helpful on front-end projects where I'm using a build system anyways, as the syntax is far easier to read and reduces duplication of segments with partials.
    • From css to less to sass to Stylus, it's been a long road with css pre-processors, but I finally found one that lets me drop all the redundant syntax and focus more on the design. I love my curly brace languages, but personally think that it gets in-between me and focusing on what's important when dealing with UX, wireframing or general design.
    • No more worrying about vendor prefixes! Autoprefixer has been an instrumental improvement to my workflow when it comes to styling. None of that would be possible without PostCSS and all of the benefits it's brought to frontend development.
    • If you're still coding without a linter like ESLint, I'm not sure whether to give you a high-five for all the hard work or question your dedication for only stupidity.
    • Dropped Traceur for Babel (formerly 6to5) because it has more readable compiled code as well as a much more versatile transpilation story when it comes to upcoming features to javascript. You can gather more specifics on comparisons of the two at their website.




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