MySQL adapter for JugglingDB


MySQL adapter for JugglingDB.

To use it you need jugglingdb@0.2.x.

  1. Setup dependencies in package.json:

      "dependencies": {
        "jugglingdb": "0.2.x",
        "jugglingdb-mysql": "latest"
  2. Use:

        var Schema = require('jugglingdb').Schema;
        var schema = new Schema('mysql', {
            database: 'myapp_test',
            username: 'root'

    You can optionally pass a few additional parameters supported by node-mysql, most particularly password and collation. Collation currently defaults to utf8mb4_general_ci. The collation value will also be used to derive the connection charset.

npm test

The jugglingdb MySQL adapter now supports using the dataType column/property attribute to specify what MySQL column type is used for many jugglingdb types.

The following type-dataType combinations are supported:

      • tinyint
      • smallint
      • mediumint
      • int
      • bigint

      Use the limit option to alter the display width.

      Example: { count : { type: Number, dataType: 'smallInt' }}

      • float
      • double

      Use the precision and scale options to specify custom precision. Default is (16,8).

      Example: { average : { type: Number, dataType: 'float', precision: 20, scale: 4 }}

      • decimal
      • numeric

      Use the precision and scale options to specify custom precision. Default is (9,2).

      These aren't likely to function as true fixed-point.

      Example: { stdDev : { type: Number, dataType: 'decimal', precision: 12, scale: 8 }}

    • varchar
    • char
    • text
    • mediumtext
    • tinytext
    • longtext

    Example: { userName : { type: String, dataType: 'char', limit: 24 }}

    Example: { biography : { type: String, dataType: 'longtext' }}

    • datetime
    • timestamp

    Example: { startTime : { type: Date, dataType: 'timestamp' }}

  • Enums are special. Create an Enum using Enum factory:

    var MOOD = schema.EnumFactory('glad', 'sad', 'mad');
    MOOD.SAD;    // 'sad' 
    MOOD(2);     // 'sad' 
    MOOD('SAD'); // 'sad' 
    MOOD('sad'); // 'sad' 
  • { mood: { type: MOOD }}
  • { choice: { type: schema.EnumFactory('yes', 'no', 'maybe'), null: false }}
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