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    JuckStrap - Static site generation bliss with Nunjucks + Bootstrap + Wintersmith.js

    This is a project that aims to quickly bootstrap a new web application project "the right way". This includes using Bootstrap within Nunjucks templating system, all statically generated with Wintersmith.js. This project also includes all of the necessary Grunt tools to make your life easier as you build a new web application rapidly and properly.


    There are a few things you will need to get started.

    npm install -g grunt-cli
    npm install -g bower


    To install, first clone this repo, and then type the following in the directory.

    npm install

    Next you will need to make sure you install Bower components in both the root and test folders.

    bower install
    cd test
    bower install


    A lot of the site configuration can be found within the config.json file in the root of the project. You can use this to edit configurations that Wintersmith uses to build the web appication.

    The Web Application

    All of the changes that you need to make are within the app folder. This contains the Wintermith setup for a Nunjucks templated site. Go to http://wintersmith.io/ to learn more about editing a Wintersmith application and also go to http://mozilla.github.io/nunjucks to learn about the Nunjucks templating language.


    You can run this web application by typing the following in your terminal.

    grunt serve

    This also watches all the files within the app directory and when a change is made re-compiles the application and automatically updates the site in your browser.


    This project compiles and runs using Grunt. You can compile the application using the simple grunt command.


    This creates a dist folder that you can use to copy to your webserver.


    npm i juckstrap

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