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A validator for JSON tabular data available as a transform stream operating in object mode.



Given a JSON Table Schema for instance:

 var schema = [
   {"name": "a", "valueType": "xsd:string"},
   {"name": "b", "valueType": "xsd:integer"},
   {"name": "c", "valueType": "xsd:double"},
   {"name": "d", "valueType": "xsd:date"}

one can create a validator transform stream with:

var Validator = require('jts-validator');
var v = new Validator(schema);
s.pipe(v); //s is a readable stream operating in object mode;
v.on('data', function(coercedRow){
  //do smtg with coerced row;
v.on('error', function(err){
  //oops validation error
v.on('end', function(){

Foreign keys support

A referenced object can be passed to the constructor to check that the values of a field are inluded into the set of value provided in the referenced Set. referenced is an object with:

  • key equal to name value of schema entries
  • values equal to an ES6 Set containing all the possible values of the field.


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