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Jthon is a lisp for json (Hence the name: json with a lisp).'s probably best to just see an example, and roll your eyes:

josh@pidgey:~/jthon/example$ cat unity.json 
["/", ["*", [ "+", 1, 1], [ "-", 8, 3]], 2, 5]
josh@pidgey:~/jthon/example$ jthon unity.json 


I have no idea. Probably the funny name. Also, I didn't feel like working on my other project(s) so I did this in order to take a break.

Is it actually usable?

Well, obviously it works, but I don't know what you would use it for.

What now?

jthon seems like a solution looking for a problem, to me.


Wanna play?

npm install -g jthon