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This provides an all js version of deflate. The goal is to provide a similar api to node's built in zlib. This provides a sync deflate that node native does not. Contributions welcome!


var jszlib = require('jszlib'),
watcher = jszlib.deflate('aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb',function(error,buffer){


npm install jszlib

argument structure

jszlib.deflate(buffer, [options], callback)

jszlib.deflateSync(buffer, [options]);

  • buffer

    • this can be a String or node Buffer object.
  • options.

    • right now no options need to be passed in from the outside.
  • callback

    • for non sync the buffer is passed as the data argument to the callback.



most of the code is by imaya who wrote a cool js png encoder. Thanks!! I ported this to node requires and updated the interface to be more nodey.