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The current version of CitoJS JSX is based on version 0.12.2 of React's JSX Transformer.

For unknown tag names, an b() call will always be generated. This should allow you to use JSX if you're also implementing custom types.

If you make use of JSX Spread Attributes, the resulting code will make use of Object.assign() to merge attributes - if your code needs to run in environments which don't implement Object.assign natively, you're responsible for ensuring it's available via a shim, or otherwise.

Other than that, the rest of React's JSX documentation should still apply:

Command Line Usage

npm install -g jsx-cito
jsx-cito --watch src/ build/

To disable precompilation from the command line, pass a --no-precompile flag.

Run jsx-cito --help for more information.

Related Modules

  • msx - forked plugin.

MIT Licensed

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