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    Jsvectormap sample


    A lightweight Javascript library for creating interactive maps and pretty data visualization.

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    Bringing data to life with interactive maps

    This project is a deeply modified version of jvectormap and was created to help developers who aren't using jQuery anymore in their projects.

    Jsvectormap supports all modern brownsers including IE9+

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    What's an interactive map

    • Interactive map is a powerful tool for presentation.
    • It give the ability to create layers of information that can be shown or hidden at the click of a button on a region or maybe a marker.
    • Data can be quickly updated, and these updates made transparent to users.
    • Zoom functions that allow users to focus on either the details of a particular region, or to gain a quick overview of a wider area.

    Quick start

    Installing via npm

    npm i jsvectormap

    import your preferred map you want to work with, after importing the jsvectormap

    import jsVectorMap from 'jsvectormap'
    import 'jsvectormap/dist/maps/world.js'
    const map = new jsVectorMap({
      selector: '#map',
      map: 'world',


    Your contributions always welcome

    • The build files shouldn't be updated when sending pull requests


    To work on the code, you will require the following:

    If you are new to Node, consider doing the following (Linux) to get started quickly:

    ### Install node via your preferred mechanism. Ensure the binaries are in your path
    # Obtain a copy of this repository and change into the working directory
    git clone && cd jsvectormap
    # Start up the live web server
    npm run dev
    # Make your changes and view them in your browser. By default, it will answer on port 9000
    your-browser http://localhost:9000/
    # Perform a build to view your changes on the samples directory
    npm run-script build && npm run dev
    your-browser http://localhost:9000/samples/


    • If you need to expose the webpack runtime (such as if you are developing inside a container), you will need to modify webpack.config.js
    • When using npm run dev, changes made on the filesystem are immediately available on the index.html page. This is not the case for the samples directory.


    jsvectormap licensed under MIT.


    npm i jsvectormap

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