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Jstestr is broken up into 3 independent pieces. There is testing framework which includes support for asynchronous tests using a callback or a future, test node creation, and full page testing, console logging and reporting. There is an assert module which includes asserts for equality, truthiness, object types, mock functions with argument verification, and more. Finally, there is synthetic events based GUI testing framework.

The framework makes use of AMD to load code and define dependencies. Any AMD compliant loader may be used. There are example runner HTML pages which configure RequireJS or dojo to load and execute tests. The example runners make some assumptions about the relative locations of the loader script files. If the assumptions are not correct the runner HTML page can be copied and configured correctly. For example, if a dojoConfig variable needs to be set before loading, the dojoRunner.html page can be modified to include that config script. The git submodules are not required and are only used for the framework tests and demos.


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