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JSTD shim

Execute jstd tests in your test runner of choice (for example, Karma). This project attempts to replicate the jstd window environment and its API (functions such as TestCase and AsyncTestCase) so that a project can continue to run existing jstd tests while migrating to other test runners and libraries.

General Use

Include the jstd.shim.js file in the window before including/injecting jstd test files. The file will define a global called JSTD_SHIM which can be used after jstd test files have loaded to execute the tests with JSTD_SHIM.execute(). It will also define global functions that exist in the jstd environment (TestCase, AsyncTestCase, asserts, etc.).



By default JSTD_SHIM outputs general test result information to the console. The following code implements the default reporter object inside jstd.shim.js:

var reporter = Object.create({
    // test pass
    success: function (resultObj) {},
    // test fail
    error: function (error, resultObj, name) {
        var message;
        name = name ||;
        console.log(name, error);
        if (error.stack) {
    // occurs after a success OR error
    result: function (resultObj) {
        console.log((resultObj.success ? 'SUCCESS' : 'FAIL') + ' ' + resultObj.description);
    // occurs on test complete
    complete: function (stats) {
        console.log("  ****  JSTD SHIM RESULTS: " + ( > 0 || stats.error > 0 ? 'FAIL' : 'SUCCESS') + "  ****  ");
        console.log(" Ran:     " + + " in " + (stats.totalTime / 1000).toFixed(3) + " secs");
        console.log(" Passed:  " + stats.pass);
        console.log(" Failed:  " +;
        console.log(" Error:   " + stats.error);
        console.log(" Ignored: " + stats.ignore);


In order to adapt the code to other uses the JSTD_SHIM global provides a method to override the default functions of the reporter.

JSTD_SHIM.modifyReporter(function (defaultReporter) {
    // return modified reporter
    return defaultReporter.success = function (resultObj) {
        console.log("A test passed! Description: " resultObj.description);

Use with Karma/Jasmine

In karma.conf.js, include the jstd.shim.js and jstdshim-jasmine-karma.js files after jasmine has been loaded in the files array:

files = [


Running Tests

Test changes to jstd.shim.js after installing Karma (e.g. npm install) from the command line with karma start.


  • 0.1.0 - Initial release
  • 0.1.1 - Noop reporter, package.json updates, doc refinement
  • 0.1.2 - jstdshim-jasmine-karma adapter fix
  • 0.1.3 - fixed async bug where successful tests were getting completed twice