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    JSPM Loader: CSS

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    An extensible CSS loader for JSPM.

    Install the plugin and name it css locally

    jspm install css=npm:jspm-loader-css

    Load the styles by referencing them in your JS:

    import from './styles.css!'

    :local mode

    The default CSS loader supports opt-in CSS Modules syntax. So, importing the following CSS file:


    generates and loads the following CSS

    ._path_to_file__myComponent {}

    and returns the mapping to JS for you to use in templates:

    import styles from './styles.css!'
    elem.innerHTML = `<div class="${styles.myComponent}"></div>`

    For the full CSS Modules syntax, where everything is local by default, see the JSPM CSS Modules Loader project.

    :export & :import

    The loader also supports the CSS Modules Interchange Format.

    Import path notation

    The path you specify will be processed through SystemJS with your configuration.
    For example, with the configuration below :

    // Your config.js
      paths: {
        "github:*": "jspm_packages/github/*",
        "~/*": "somewhere/*"

    You can write various import paths:

    /* Your ike.icss */
    .ike {
      composes: bounce animated from "";
      composes: bounce animated from "github:daneden/animate.css@3.1.0/animate.css";
      composes: bounce animated from "~/animate.css";

    Customize your own loader

    You can customize this loader to meet your needs.

    1. Create a css.js file under your project folder next to config.js file.
    2. In the css.js file, include whatever postcss plugins you need:
      import { CSSLoader, Plugins } from 'jspm-loader-css'
      import vars from 'postcss-simple-vars' // you want to use this postcss plugin
    const {fetch, bundle} = new CSSLoader([
    ], __moduleName);
    export {fetch, bundle};
      Just make sure you have `Plugins.autoprefixer` passed to `new CSSLoader`, it's required.
    3. Since you have had `jspm-loader-css` installed with `jspm install css=npm:jspm-loader-css`, now open `config.js` and replace line
      "css": "npm:jspm-loader-css@x.x.x"
      "jspm-loader-css": "npm:jspm-loader-css@x.x.x"
    jspm will use what `css.js` exports as the default css loader.
    You can also check [an example css.js file here]( "Customize your own jspm css loader").


    npm i jspm-loader-css

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