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jspanel build npm version license MIT ## jsPanel 2.6.3 released 2016-09-14

A jQuery plugin to create multifunctional floating panels.

A jsPanel can be used as a floating, draggable and resizable panel, as modal, as tooltip and even as a hint. Configuration options include additional toolbars for header and/or footer sections, support for right-to-left text direction, built in bootstrap support, 13 themes and much more.

Various options allow for a flexible way to add content to a jsPanel, including AJAX support.

Existing jsPanel sections and contents are easily accessed via various properties. Methods and events offer interaction with it.

Don't miss jsPanel version 3

jsPanel jQuery Plugin

jsPanel homepage:

API and examples:

more documentation:



bower install jspanel


npm install jspanel


Since I didn't work with Angular so far, I can't say very much about using jsPanel with Angular. Nevertheless I can say that:

  • merely loading Angular doesn't affect jsPanel in a negative way
  • Angular uses only a subset of jQuery by default and that's not enough. You need to load the full jQuery library prior loading Angular. See
  • don't forget to load jQuery-UI (js and css) with at least UI Core, Mouse, Widget, Draggable, Resizable
  • use HTML5 doctype