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    This is modification of JSOT template engine, which provides BH matchers and some other things.

    Migration notice

    This library is not maintained by BH developers and can't be used as as-is replace for bh package. Use with cautition!


    Matcher - function passed as second argument to BH.match.

    It accepts context object with helper methods (which essential just an instance of JSOT-BH) and current processed object as second argument.

    It can call applyBase method of context object, which applies all matchers to current processed object.

    It can return new object as replacement of current object (useful for wrapping) - which can contain current object in content property or in an arrary.

    JSOT-BH will restart apply procedure for returned object until it will be processed with all matchers, that corresponds to this block.


    Context methods is similar to BH specification.


    var JSOTBH = require('./index.js');
    var jsotbh = new JSOTBH();
    jsotbh.match('html', function (ctx) {
    jsotbh.match('p', function (ctx) {
    jsotbh.match('p_bold_yes', function (ctx) {
            block: 'html',
            content: [
                { block: 'p', content: 'You' },
                { block: 'p', mods: { bold: 'yes' }, content: 'Rock!' }
    // should output: '<html class="html"><p class="p">You</p><p class="p p_bold_yes boldy">Rock!</p></html>'


    This numbers can be used as "fastest possible" BH performance, but not necessary achivable (jsot-bh is lacking some functionality - see API status for details).

    While single block/element rendering is much faster, than BH, real-life pages is rendered slower, than BH (by 7%).

    Benchmarking applyBase...
      jsotbh#block          x 135,141 ops/sec ±1.17% (90 runs sampled)
      bh#block              x  21,956 ops/sec ±2.35% (86 runs sampled)
    Benchmarking block matching...
      jsotbh#block          x 1,059,293 ops/sec ±3.61% (93 runs sampled)
      bh#block              x    62,714 ops/sec ±2.20% (88 runs sampled)
    Benchmarking block_mod matching...
      jsotbh#block_mod      x 529,408 ops/sec ±0.91% (94 runs sampled)
      bh#block_mod          x  49,560 ops/sec ±2.65% (80 runs sampled)
    Benchmarking element matching...
      jsotbh#block__elem    x 212,603 ops/sec ±1.20% (92 runs sampled)
      bh#block__elem        x  47,530 ops/sec ±2.65% (80 runs sampled)
    Benchmarking deep bemjsons...
      jsotbh#deep           x 11,085 ops/sec ±1.12% (92 runs sampled)
      bh#deep               x  8,311 ops/sec ±1.52% (86 runs sampled)
    Benchmarking deepArray bemjsons...
      jsotbh#deepArray      x 18,638 ops/sec ±1.90% (88 runs sampled)
      bh#deepArray          x 17,555 ops/sec ±1.34% (84 runs sampled)
    Benchmarking block wrapping...
      jsotbh#wrap           x 201,079 ops/sec ±1.54% (78 runs sampled)
      bh#wrap               x  48,531 ops/sec ±3.50% (83 runs sampled)


    npm i jsot-bh

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