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This is the README file for the jsormdb library.

Author: Avi Deitcher Email: avi [at] jsorm [dot] com License: Please see the included license file license.txt or visit

  1. Files included in this distribution README.txt - this file jsormdb.js - the actual library jsormdb-src.js - non-minified version of the library doc/ - JavaScript documentation generated by JSDoc

  2. Installation Installation is straightforward. Simple include the jsorm-utilities and jsormdb on your HTML page:

  1. Limitations jsormdb uses POST to submit changes/writes to the data store. Obviously, if you are working off the local file system rather than a true Web server, the writes will fail.

  2. Overview jsormdb provides an advanced database in JavaScript, backed by any form of database or store on the server. jsormdb is able to update itself from the server, as well as send updates back to the server. These updates can be the entire data set, just the journal of changes, or a condensed version. jsormdb has the concept of transactions. Each change is kept in a journal, and can be rejected or committed. Rejection rolls back all changes since the last commit, or since the initial load. Commitment commits all changes since the last commit, or since the initial load. Additionally, commit sends changes back to the server via ajax, if so configured.

  3. Build If you wish to build and/or test on your own, you can do so.

jake cleanbuild

will do it. You must have the following installed on your system to build:

  • node
  • npm packages: jsmin, rimraf, underscore,jake (all inside package.json)

Please see the wiki at for additional details.