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A JavaScript library for embedded database with persistence to the server or other stores

jsormdb node module (node-jsormdb)

This is a wrapper node module for the jsorm database done by Avi Deitcher. It also exposes a simple JSONDatabase to automate the persisting of the database to the disk.

Clone the repository in a jsormdb folder inside a node_module directory.

git clone git:// jsormdb
git submodule update 

Note: jsormdb (in the src folder) is linked to this repo and requires "submodule update" to update from the original repository.

Avi Deitcher's jsorm database can be either downloaded from the official website or be compiled from source.

If you want to skip building, go to and download jsormdb archive. Place the jsormdb.js in the lib folder and you are ready to go.

If you want to build the jsormdb.js just run ant in the root of this repository.

jsormdb> ant 

The module exposes two objects:

  • JSORM: The jsorm object as described in its own wiki page
  • JSONDatabase: A simple database wrapper to persist the changes automatically on the hard disk

Since the JSORM object has not been modified at all, the best resource on using it is the official website and the dedicated wiki page.

JSONDatabase object has a simple constructor that takes an optional configuration object as a parameter. The configuration object has the following optional fields:

  • path: path to the database file. Default './database.json'.
  • transactional: Set database in transactional mode. Requires commit of insert and remove operations in order to persist in database. Defaults to false.
  • debug: Set database in debug mode. Defaults to false.

The JSONDatabase object exposes the following simple functions:

  • insert( object[] ): Inserts an array of objects in the db. Persists it if not in transactional mode. Internally it uses jsormdb's insert.
  • remove( query ): Removes the items matching the provided 'where' query. Internally it uses jsormdb's remove.
  • query ( query ): Search by query. Returns an array of records. Internally it uses jsormdb's find.
  • rollback: Rollback all changes since last commit. Internally it uses jsormdb's reject.
  • commit: Commit existing transaction and persist changes to the disk file. Internally it uses jsormdb's commit.

For query syntax check jsormdb's wiki page.

The JSONDatabase object exposes the internal jsormdb through its db property.

The following examples are located in the examples folder and you can test them by running:

jsormdb/examples> node JSONDatabase.js
jsormdb/examples> node JSORM.js
// Require the module 
var databaseHelper = require('jsormdb');
// Create the database object loading data.json if it exists 
var myDB = new databaseHelper.JSONDatabase({path : './data.json', transactional : false});
// Drop all existing entries 
// Dummy data 
var dataToInsert = [{id: 1, name:"webinos project", website:""}];
// Insert data to db 
var moreData = [
    {id: 2, name:"Avi Deitcher", website: ""},
    {id: 3, name: "jsorm website", website: ""}
// Insert data to db 
// Get all data 
var result = myDB.query(); // Equivelant to myDB.db.find(); 
// Display them 
console.log("The db has the following entries:");
// Query for the first entry 
var query = { field: "id", compare: "equals", value: 1 };
// The following is quivelant to myDB.db.find({where: query}); 
result = myDB.query({where: query});
console.log("The " + result[0].name + "'s website is : " + result[0].website);
// Query for the Avi's github url and pick only that field 
query = { field: "name", compare: "contains", value: "Avi" };
var fields = { website: true };
// The following is quivelant to myDB.db.find({where: query, fields: fields}); 
result = myDB.query({where: query, fields: fields});
process.stdout.write("Avi Deitcher's github url is ");
// Remove entry with id==3 
myDB.remove({where: { field: "id", compare: "equals", value: 3 }});

Please refer to the excellent jsormdb wiki for querying details and for advanced use of the jsormdb database.

The same example applies but instead of using:

var myDB = new databaseHelper.JSONDatabase({path : './data.json', transactional : false});


var myDB = new databaseHelper.JSORM.db.db({parser: databaseHelper.JSORM.db.parser.json(), writeMode: databaseHelper.JSORM.db.db.modes.replace});

and instead of the query method call find.

This code was initially written for the purposes of the webinos project. It is distributed freely under the Apache 2.0 license.

All the hard work of creating the jsormdb is done solely by Avi Deitcher.

A special thank you is in order to the following webinos members:

  • Heiko Desruelle for bringing the jsormdb module idea and writting the initial implementation.
  • Christos Ntanos for adding this module to the webinos platform and testing it thoroughly.