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    This is a theme for JSON Resume. It is available via npm:

    npm install jsonresume-theme-paper

    PDF / Printing

    Since the printing functionality of resume-cli is a utter catastrophy where your .html file gets posted to a webservice for converted to .pdf this theme will not support this process.


    I've implemented another .css file that gets included with a attribute print: media="print".

    So if you're trying to convert your resume from .html to .pdf just use Google Chrome and then PDF Print!

    In my opinion this does the best job in formating and layouting.


    You can check out a static demo of the resume on

    The folks over at did an awesome job promoting my theme, so you can check it out here as well:

    Getting started

    To get started with theme development, this is what you'll need:

    If you're on Linux, you can simply run:

    sudo apt-get install nodejs-legacy npm

    Or if you're on OSX and got Homebrew installed:

    brew install node

    Install the command line

    We're going to use the official resume-cli to run our development server.

    Go ahead and install it:

    sudo npm install -g resume-cli

    Install npm packages

    We need to install the dependencies. cd into the theme folder we just downloaded and run:

    sudo npm install
    bower install

    This will read the local package.json and install the packages listed under dependencies.

    Serve theme

    While inside the theme folder, simply run:

    resume serve

    You should now see this message:

    Preview: http://localhost:4000
    Press ctrl-c to stop

    Congratulations, you've made it!

    The theme development can now begin.


    Available under the MIT license.


    npm i jsonresume-theme-paper-condensed

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