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    Elegant Theme npm version

    Responsive theme for JsonResume inspired by card layouts.

    Theme Preview

    Markdown Supported

    Supported in the following properties resume.basics.summary, work[0].summary, work[0].highlights, projects[0].summary, projects[0].highlights, education[0].courses, volunteer[0].summary, volunteer[0].highlights, awards[0].summary, publications[0].summary, references[0].reference, skills[0].keywords. If you have any other use case, please raise an issue

    Social Profiles

    The profiles are shown in the order in which they are specified in the basics.profiles array. By default, only 5 profiles are shown & others are revealed on demand.

    Profile Section

    Supported Profiles

    • angellist
    • behance
    • bitbucket
    • blogger
    • codepen
    • dribbble
    • dribble
    • exercism
    • facebook
    • flickr
    • foursquare
    • github
    • gitlab
    • googleplus
    • gratipay
    • hackernews
    • instagram
    • lastfm
    • linkedin
    • medium
    • meetup
    • pinterest
    • reddit
    • skype
    • soundcloud
    • spotify
    • stackexchange
    • stackoverflow
    • telegram
    • tumblr
    • twitter
    • vimeo
    • youtube



    $ npm install -g grunt
    $ npm install -g pug-cli
    $ git clone
    $ cd jsonresume-theme-elegant
    $ npm install
    $ grunt watch // watches for file changes in *.pug & *.less
    $ grunt exec:run_server // Do this in a new terminal tab to run node server

    Visit http://localhost:8888 to see the theme in action.

    Throughput Graph

    Testing JSON changes

    You can test your changes by updating resume.json file inside node_modules/resume-schema/ folder. You might want to rerun grunt exec:run_server whenever you make any changes to resume.json

    Updating Styles

    All the LESS files are organized under the folder assets/less/. Please go through the comments inside theme.less to find out which file to put your LESS changes. Grunt compiles assets/less/theme.less to assets/css/theme.css which is used eventually in the theme.

    Please Do not make any changes inside assets/css/theme.css

    Updating Javascript

    All the javascript changes go into index.js which is responsible for rendering the theme.

    Adding a new icon

    Visit this wiki page



    npm i jsonresume-theme-elegant

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