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Concise JSON Resume theme

This is a theme for JSON Resume. It is designed to hide detailed information until the user hovers over the summary. This ensures users can quickly get the gist of a resume but also have the details available to them.

JSON Resume is a schema for encoding resume details in a JSON file. Themes like this one then parse that file and generate a nice HTML resume from it.


Using the theme server

The simplest way to use this theme is to simply call it up from JSON Resume's theme server:

resume serve --theme concise

Install the command line

You'll need JSON Resume's official resume-cli to serve a resume.json using this theme.

To install it:

npm install -g resume-cli

Install dependencies

npm install

This will install handlebars.js, which is needed for templating.

Serve theme

Inside the root folder, run this to generate and serve the theme HTML using your resume.json:

resume serve

You'll want to replace the default resume.json with your own.

Details on working with this theme

Modifying output through custom HTML

This theme does not HTML escape various inputs from resume.js, so you can add your own custom HTML to the fields in resume.js and they will modify the output. (the HTML used should be limited to formatting tags) or link tags to maintain styling). Generally, dates, titles for objects with associated URLs, and designated URL fields are escaped, i.e. cannot be supplemented with HTML.

Displaying all information by default; no hovering

If you would like to display all information without the auto-hide function (i.e. for exporting a PDF), simply generate an HTML file using resume export <file>.html --theme concise and then change the JS variable SHOW_FULL_SECTION to true in the (only) script at the bottom of the generated file.

Social icons for profiles

Icons are automatically found for various profiles using the (lowercase) "network" field and Font Awesome's Brand Icons. If one of your profiles' icons doesn't show up, look for the correct icon / icon name here and change the network name to correspond to the correct icon.

Social icons for project types

Icons are also automatically added for various project types. They are defined for 'volunteering', 'presentation', 'talk', 'application', and 'conference.' (This is in index.js; feel free to send an issue or even a pull request to add more!)

Footer info section

If it is not desired, this footer can be removed from the HTML generated by resume serve simply be removing the HTML from public/index.html.


Available under the MIT license.