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    JSONDB, but worse

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    This project is the result of a misguided attempt to create a kind of JSON database API for, well, data storage, stored as JSONs.

    It is a very small, short project, which should get the job done. The simple idea is, extend the ObjectDB class, and build on top of the write/load functions. They are fairly simple, and self-explanatory (I hope).

    Technical Details

    Data objects, or objects meant to be stored in the DB, must extend class JSONData, which guarantees the existence of the toJSON() function. Any JSONData classes must also be prepared to accept a JSON in the constructor, as this is the construction used in order to load JSON objects from file to memory.

    The code should clear this up, in case this doesn't make sense. The end result would be to simplify the code to something like:

    db.saveData(records, './data', 'records.json')

    And of course, you can extend the ObjectDB class and build any OOP abstractions to simplify the above as you like (such as setting default directory and filenames).


    To test which files will be published, please use the script written instead of npm pack to allow for correct packing. These have been conveniently placed in npm scripting under the following: npm run n-pack npm run n-publish

    And an additional convenience command: npm run clean

    will simply delete the .tgz left behind by n-pack.


    I really don't recommend you use this, it is flawed and very underdeveloped, but if you enjoy the attempted simplicity for any reason, knock yourself out. However, if you are a rational being, I highly suggest you use something actually good like LevelDB.


    Any pull requests to this would be interesting, since I'm curious to see how this can be added to/changed in terms of design, lolol.




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