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JSONAPI Express.js / MySQL backend

Live demo

A simple blog app: It still has many bugs (like: no redirection after login) but should work. Feedback is welcome.

Backend code for this demo app is here, frontend code is here.

Fair bit of warning

This is work in progress, and not production-ready (yet). That being said, it does the job, for me at least :).

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you run into issues while giving this project a try. As I am currently working on it heavily, I will definitely answer your request. Besides, documentation is on its way, a user guide will be provided soon.

About this project

This project began as a standalone Express app, that I just started turning into an NPM module.

The motivation for it is to have a simple-to-use backend for Ember.js.

An example project is available at It demonstrates how to configure the module by providing those parameters:

  • public&private keys path
  • db settings
  • model relationships descriptors


npm install --save jsonapi-express-backend


  • MySQL support. Works with MariaDB (actually only tested on MariaDB). More (PostgreSQL) might come after.
  • Dead-simple. No ORM, but simple query-building using Squel.
  • Uses JSON Web Tokens for authentication.
  • Supports one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many model relationships.


  • As of now, you have to create your MySQL schema by hand. It has to respect some conventions as to table and field naming:
    • primary key for all tables is id
    • each data type (that is, all tables but the pivot tables) must have createdAt and updatedAt fields.

Naming conventions

  • Model / table names
    • model: super-duper-model (Ember)
    • plural: super-duper-models ** (Ember, Backend)
    • singular: superDuperModel (Backend)
    • plural: superDuperModels (??)
    • table: super_duper_models (Backend)
  • Beware of inflection
    • niceCity => niceCities